Rylo Ken

The ambitious merchant



  • Greedy merchant with a boat
  • Owes money to the mob
  • His boat is his baby

Careful – 1
Clever -3
Flashy – 1
Forceful – 0
Quick – 2
Sneaky – 2


  • Because he am a smooth talking merchant, he gets a +2 when he sneakily create advantages in conversation

Rylo is a merchant who enjoys the finer things in life. He borrows money quickly and seems to spend it quicker. He dresses in fine silks richly dyed in blues and greens and for a weapon carries a water pouch containing a long electric eel that he swings around like a whip.

Rylo hails from Azamarin and is the son of merchants. He learned the trade early and sailing his small sloop e learned the ins and outs of moving goods. He was conscripted b the pirates of Dry Run Cove to smuggle goods, but his greed led him to skim of the top. Eventually, his deeds caught up with him and he took his borrowed ship and went on the run from Rotta and his pirates of Dry Rum Cove.

In his youth, Rylo took part in the Azamarin 3 Isle Race. He flew a false “Barron’s favor” flag, causing other contestants to let him take the lead, but he was caught before the race finished.

The Kree met Rylo on the docks as he was about to get into trouble with the dock authority. She didn’t know him, but she never forgets the kindness strangers showed to her in the past, and decided to help him out of a tricky situation.

Corwin infiltrated Rylo’s crew to wait for a chance to steal back the debt owed to the pirate lord Rotta. When Corwin revealed his plot, Rylo persuaded him to lower his weapon and consider another option: team up, save Corwin’s benefactress and split the debt payment between themselves. Corwin’s heartstrings were tugged and he agreed against his better judgement.

Rylo Ken

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