Nerds of Darkwater

Session 2

In the second encounter, our heroes charged into the pirate’s cave on the rocky island while Marg sneaked in to free the Queen. A large man named Gavos stopped them short, holding the Queen threateningly, while another pirate stuck around our heroes and lobbed a net at them. Corwin was on his guard and managed to dodged, but the others were caught by surprised and trapped under the heavy fishing net. With a swift shot from his bow, Corwin extinguished the pirates lantern, leaving Vane Starbreeze’s sword as the only source of light. Plunged in to darkness, our heroes engaged in battle, while Marg attempted to free the Queen.

Rylo engaged in a battle of whips with a pirate wielding a snaking octopus arm! Whips cracked and wits flashed, but they appeared to be evenly matched. Meanwhile, Vane and Corwin faced off against the other two pirates. The Kree feinted defeat, only to leap into action, issuing a surprise attack that felled the mighty Gavos! In the end, only the pirate with the whip remained, dueling it out with Rylo as his companions fell to the swift moves of the heroes. Rylo won the final test of wills, intimidating him into forfeiting claiming the octopus whip as a trophy.

The Queen was free, and they’d captured a valuable pirate informant to boot! They interrogated the man, named Speeven, and learned that he was a crew member of the ship know as the Blood Tide, captained by a fearsome man named Balarkova. From the Queen, they learned that the Axolotls had been entrusted with a priceless treasure, a pair of maps from the lost Prince of Octopon himself, Ren! She begged them to go to the island and find Ren’s treasure before Balarkova! Speeven reluctantly agreed to tag along, swearing that if the captain would kill him on sight for loosing the queen.

In a final act of greed, Corwin declared the whip to be his rightful booty, seeing as he’d bravely fought two of the pirates. Unfortunately, he ended up a little short on this bargain, and now owes the silver tonged merchant some money.

Loot gained
- one jar of acidic slugs
- one octopus-arm whip
- one map of a mysterious island
- one small metal locked box

Companions gained
- Speeven the pirate
- Marg the Axolotl warrior (injured)

Session 1

For our first sessions, we created characters and started our first adventure. Rylo, Corwin, Vane and the mysterious unnamed Kree were approached by Gurp, a young axolotl humanoid. He rushed into the bar, drenched in sea water and begging for our heroes immediate aid. Pirates on a large, blood red ship had stormed his village and kidnapped the axolotl Queen, and he was ready to offer up their national treasure to save her!

They set off at once, sailing to a craggy, inhospitable rocky island with a cave on one side and a small boat moored in front of it. Our heroes deftly steered to the back side of the island and with only minimal amounts of falling in the ocean, made it safely to land.

They scrambled to the peak of the island and attempted to spy on the two pirates manning the ship, but they were discovered when Vane’s foot slipped and knocked loose a small shower of pebbles, directly onto the ship! The pirate on watch reached for her bow, but the unnamed Kree was quicker and shot her, grazing her arm. Rylo attempted to intimidate the pirates by threatening that the full force of the navy was just on their heels, but no one had heard of the navy so this was only somewhat successful. In the their confusion, however, the pirates didn’t notice Corwin rolling a large rock right onto the deck and smash! One pirate was taken out in one fell swoop. Then, the ruse was over and fighting began in earnest. Vane charged onto the ship, the Kree sent a giant wave into the side, capsizing the boat, Rylo deflected a sword swing with a crack of his eel-whip, and Corwin grappled a pirate, only to get tossed into the sea himself.

In the end, our heroes were successful, and their foes toppled one by one. The last pirate was slain, not by them, however, but by another axolotl! Marg, resplendent in silver armor slashed through the last pirate. She took little time to explain, however, before she rushed off to the cave to save the Queen.

Who is this mysterious knight? Where has the red ship gone? Does little Gurp really have any treasure to offer our heroes? We’ll find out next time!


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